Excerpt taken from Divine Moments: Ordinary People Having Spiritually Transformative Experiences by Nancy Clark

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For over thirty years, researchers have studied the near-death experience to the exclusion of many other trigger processes that resemble the near-death experience. Coming close to death is only one means of having such spiritually transformative mystical experiences.

During the early 1960’s, following complications of pregnancy, I died, had a near-death experience and woke up in the morgue.  Years later, while delivering a eulogy for a dear friend at his funeral service, my spirit-self lifted out of my body and I had an experience consisting of the identical features of a classic near-death experience with the exception that I was not close to death, suffering serious illness, or physical trauma at the time. Because I had a near-death experience when I died during childbirth, I am in a good position to be able to witness to the fact that there is no difference between the features of both my experiences.  In recent years, researchers have used the term, near-death-like experience to describe those experiences which are similar to near-death experiences.

Reports are coming from physicians, scientists, etc. who theorize an answer as to what causes near-death experiences. Each time I heard someone determine that the cause of a near-death experience was due to a either a dying brain, lack of oxygen to the brain, anesthesia, other drugs, I wanted to scream, “It can’t be due to those factors since I am living proof that I had the identical experience and I wasn’t close to death at the time!”  My brain was functioning clearly; there was no lack of oxygen to my brain while I was delivering a eulogy. I didn’t have anesthesia and I wasn’t taking any drugs whatsoever at that time.  Also, the events leading up to a spiritually transformative experience are not the experience.  The “experience” occurs at that moment when physical consciousness transcends the confines of the physical dimension and enters into another greater, or “more real” dimension.  It isn’t the event leading up to the experience that’s important, it’s the experience itself! 

There must be some other theory to explain this type of transcendent, mystical experience. I suggest the cause of the experience is not a product of brain activity as many neurophysiologists contend. Mind or soul is outside the brain.  It’s not related to brain function. It is non-physical, it cannot be known by the senses, nor reconciled with science or reason.  Spirit or mind is more intrinsic to reality than matter.  The Greater Mind/God/Source/Creator cannot be put under a microscope for our finite ego minds to dissect and comprehend its nature.  No human being can know the mind of God, only that which the Creator itself reveals.

Although true reality, as experienced by mystics, near-death experiencers, and others, is mysterious, we have the benefit of learning from their wisdom and their experiences. They tell us that our true nature is one with the Infinite, and it is our birthright to discover and learn that truth.  Why?  I believe the individuals who have such spiritually transformative experiences are the pioneers of a new humanity, ushering in a new awakening that eventually will bring heaven upon earth.  It won’t happen overnight, in fact, it may take centuries, but I do believe one day we will all live in peace.  I have to acknowledge that there are transformations taking place in the hearts and souls of millions of people who have had these spiritually transformative experiences.  There must be a reason for this massive escalation toward the development of higher consciousness.  Perhaps, it is the Divine plan after all, the foundation of which is LOVE.

In my book, Divine Moments: Ordinary People Having Spiritually Transformative Experiences, I have documented over 40 individuals who were part of my research, who shared their experiences with me. Their stories are written in their own words and include their contact information so readers will know they are real people.

What lies beyond the quantum comes from the mouths of those brave souls who have been invited through those doors and who witnessed for themselves the existence of unseen worlds.  They tell us what they have experienced so that humanity will begin to perceive that we are all an integral part of this multi-layered creation.  What is needed then, is the willingness to humbly admit that the mysterious is unknown and unknowable, at least for the time being.  If we lose our sense of the mysterious, we lose our awe for the creation of the universe and our part in it.

Nancy Clark is an award-winning international author, speaker and has inspired thousands. To learn more about her and her work, check out her websitewww.freewebs.com/nancy-clark  Nancy can be contacted at nancyclarkauthor@gmail.com